Dry Rot and getting the correct advice.

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Serpula Lacrymans is the technical term for ‘dry rot’.  As many in the industry who have come across this fungus know, it has an overwhelming ability to feed off timber and fibrous materials, affecting their integrity and potentially compromising the structural integrity of buildings.

Understanding ‘dry rot’ as a fungus is important when dealing with it, and it has four main stages in its life cycle.

  • Microscopic scope – At this stage the fungus requires enough moisture for it to develop roughly 20% unlike wet rot.
  • Hyphae – As it takes in the moisture, the fungus begins to germinate.
  • Mycelium – By this the stage, the fungus is in a continuous growth state as its environment provides a perfect condition for it flourish.
  • Fruiting body – When the fungus reaches the final stage, it will pump new spores out into the surrounding air and start to spread like a plague with devastating an effect.

Case Study: Widley Road Project, Maida Vale


A S Ramsay recently had an internal refurbishment project where we encountered a case of dry rot.  Further investigation was required and as we exposed the wall, its ability to travel between materials was evident. We undertook an extensive strip out and temporary support scheme which included walls, sash windows, fitted cupboards, ceiling joist and floor joists.  Everywhere we looked, the devious fungus  had spread, travelling through different materials from masonry, timber, down to metal.  The full extent of the damage showed in the flat below which was also affected.

Working with our dry rot treatment specilists, the treatment and repair of the property began.   Among the treatment procedures, a plastic membrane between new wood and existing masonry was implemented to stop cross contamination.  Chemical, dry rot control and condensation control to eliminate the core cause of dry rot were put in place and A S Ramsay began the reconstruction and decoration of the property.

This project proved to be challenging as the extent of the dry rot was devastating, but A S Ramsay never shy away from a challenge! We utilised our experience to set out a clear way forward for our Client, kept a proactive approach to managing the ever-changing circumstance and, by working with a network of trusted, reliable partners, managed to deliver another successful project. The property was brought to completion at a high standard of quality, on time and within budget.


Final score:

A S Ramsay 1 – 0 Serpula Lacrymans

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