Established in 1992, the A S Ramsay Group is headed up by Directors Alan Ramsay and Jamie Godman.

For nearly thirty years, we have come to recognise the wide range of professionals within the construction industry and the importance of specific industry and sector knowledge to the success of a project.  This understanding, coupled with our core value of providing staff who operate and maintain a ‘service first’ approach with our clients, has led us to set up three separate divisions each with staff who are knowledgeable and experianced in that specific sector of the industry.

A S RAMSAY BLOCK’s staff provide a Major Works Contractor service tailored to block managers and for the renovation of block of flats.  Our staff here are focused particularly on the importance of clear proactive communication with residents, freeholders and their agents.

A S RAMSAY COMMERCIAL’s staff provide a quick turn around and reliable service to commercial clients who require the disturbance to their premises to be kept to a minimum.

A S RAMSAY RESIDENTIAL’s staff a more creative and engaged service to residential clients who want to make their home beautiful.